Shortcut Keys in VLC Media Player

We all are watching movies and videos on our laptop or desktop at VLC Media player. today in this post we will be talk about the shortcut and intresting useful keys use in vlc media player. this shortcut keys makes easy for you using vlc and control it through keybord(shotcut keys)

Previous or Next 

only press a one key you can do either previous or next your video in VLC.  

  • For previous video press "P"
  • For next videos press "N"

 Full Screen

on pressing "F" video will be play in full screen.

Crop Screen

For croping screen press "C" 


On pressing "M" video will be mute that is sound will be off.

Change Audio Track

For changing audio track  press "B" (it means if you have two audio tracks in your movie , suppose one English and other in Hindi ; on press you can change language o the movie.)

Change Subtitle

For changing  subtitle track press "V"

Aspect Ratio

For changing aspect ratio press  "A"

10 second Video Forward and Backward

  • right arrow key use for 10 second forward videos
  • left arrows key use for 10 second backward videos

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