Short a URL Within 5 Seconds in Single Click

We all see a very long, long URL (links) on social media and the internet and these URLs are looks very ugly, also too long. Do you know you can easily short any URL and your shorted URL will open the same webpage..... yes it is really true and you can also do it...
Today in this post I will be talking about how to short a link, shorting a link or URL is not too difficult but we can't find a perfect platform.

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How to Short a Link(URL)

  • First of all, you need to copy the URL 
  • After this open your browser in your computer/mobile
  • Now you have to type in your browser

  • You have an opened page look like this as shown in the image below

  • Paste your URL here
  • And click on Shorten
  • Now you have a shorted URL, 
  • Click on the copy (Your new short URL are copied)

Features of

  1. This website is absolutely free
  2. Easy to use, you can shot a URL in a one click
  3. You need not to Login or Sing up here
  4. You can open it simply just type (it directly open the main page, where you have to paste your URL ) 
  5. It opens very fast both on Mobile or Browser
  6. Its extension is also available on chrome

How to install an extension of

  • You have to go to your chrome browser in your computer and open   Web store in  Apps (chrome://apps/)
  • Search bitly in the search box of the Web store

  • Now we see an extension of
  • Click on add to chrome

Benefits of Short URL

  • Short URL looks pretty than long URL
  • It takes less word (nearly 10-15 words) 
  • It opens the same page
  • Sharing of URL on Social Media is too good 
  • On twitter it takes only 10-15 words so, you can tweet 130 your own word with a URL also


Short link-:

Both open the same page.

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