Copy Your Friends Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp these days a very common word. We all use it as an instant messaging application on our phone.  Nowadays WhatsApp provides a lot of new features. 
The status fetuses ofWhatsAppp in which our friends update their status and we see the status, react on it but can't download it in our phone. 
Today in this article I will be talking about an amazing trick about how to download the Whatsapp status of our friends. 
After reading this post you have not to take a screenshot image of your friends WhatsApp status.

Let's start with these simple steps...

How to Download  Status from WhatsApp

  • First of all, seen the WhatsApp status of your friend (in case of video complete see the video
  • Open your file manager app in your phone (in some phones it may be as my files) 
  • Enable the show hidden a file in the file manager
  • Open Whatsapp 📁 folder and go to media in it. 
  • Now you have seen a folder start with. (dot) named [.Status], the folder must have started with a dot(.)
  • Open the Folder
  • In this Folder, you see all your friends recent WhatsApp status. (which you recent seen)
  • You have to select a photo or videos that you want to download or save on it to your phone.
  • Chose and move it to another folder [Folder must have not contained dot(.) ]
Now a status of photos or videos can be seen in the Gallery.

Whatsapp automatically save the video and photos of your status in your phone in Whatsapp folder but it is hidden. you have to only pick it from a hidden place to another place.

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