How to Record a Whatsapp Video Call

Whatsapp, this word is not for describing to you in detail. Everyone who uses a smartphone uses WhatsApp. Whatsapp is a very popular instant messaging app all over the world, especially in India.

WhatsApp gives us a lot of features for us in free and it continues to change in them or update its features. Whatsapp launches a Video call feature in the Whatsapp messaging app in which anyone who connects with WhatsApp talks with their friends through a video calls the same as the normal call. 
but here is a question arise is that "Can I record a WhatsApp Video call..."
Yes, it possible to record a WhatsApp Video call. Whatsapp does not provide any features for recording the call. But many applications are available on the Play Store who able to record the Whatsapp call. One of them which I mentioned in this post

How Can I Record a Whatsapp Call

For recording, Whatsapp calls in your mobile phone or smartphones follow these steps...

  • First of all open Play Store in your Phone, and type Mobizen search bar
Mobizen Recorder

  • Install the app (click on the install)
  • After installation complete, open the app
  • This app records the screen of your Mobile phone.
  • So, When you want to call with someone through Whatsapp video calls just open the app and start the recording before calling.
  • It will record the screen until you stop it.
After ending the call just stop the recording and save it. Your call recording save in your Mobile phone in Video format(mp4).

Features Of Mobizen App

  1. It is Free and Easily Available on Play Store.
  2. Mobizen is absolutely free of cost.
  3. It records the full screen of your mobile.
  4. You can use it in your phone as a spy recorder.
  5. No root is required

Other similar Screen Recorder which works the same

You can use the following recorder for the record the WhatsApp Video call.
  • DU Recorder – Screen Recorder
  • AZ Screen Recorder

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