Introducing Python : An Easy Guide on Python Programming Language

Introducing to Python

The word Python is it different word in the world of the internet and on my Blog Easily Teach. Easily Teach is a Website or Blog about the Internet and Computer. It is not the Blog about Zoo, Animals, Jungle or Snakes.
The word Python, Does it bring the image of the big reptile that we prefer to see in Jungle or Zoo?
But it’s an Easily Teach………. A Website about the Internet, Computer or Digital World & Program.
Yes, Python The Computer Programming Language Popular these days.

It’s time to change the image to the word python in our mind. We are the Internet and Computer learner. So, absolutely it is about either Computer or the Internet.
Here is a question, A lot of Programming Language is popular but why I chose Python for my readers and learners.
The answer is that it’s an Easily Teach “Easy To Learn”.
Now Easy To Learn Programming Language with Easy To Learn website Easily Teach.
Its time to Double easy with Easily Teach to Learn Python.

Here, we start complete and easy guidelines on the python programming language.

What is Python in Computer?

"Python is a powerful and most popular programming language across the world in the present day. It is easy to learn, powerful object-oriented, high-level programming language."

Python program is generally smaller than other programming languages like C++, C, and Java. Python programming language was developed or created by “Guido Van Rossum”.

Little about the Author of the Python “Guido Van Rossum”

Guido Van Rossum is a Dutch Programmer born in the Netherlands. He received a master's degree in mathematics and computer science from the University of Amsterdam. He worked for many companies and research institute including Google and Dropbox.

If you want to know more about the Author of The Python “Guido Van Rossum”, you can also check Wikipedia.  Here is the Link…..

Why Should You Learn Python?

Do you think that why should you learn Python? The hundred reasons that make ready you to learn Python if you are interested in programming.
Python is a Free and Open source, Interpreted based programming language, Python has a smaller code than other programming languages such as JAVA &C++.

Python can be used equally on a variety of platform including Windows, Linux, Mac, Macintosh, etc. Even Python can be used on a Smartphone (Android and IOS) also.

Python has a variety of uses over these days.
It is used for……..

  • Create a Web Application
  • Game Development [Video Game Development]
  • It is used to perform complex mathematics.
  • Database System/Application
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • GUI program
  • Used in Artificial Intelligence
And many more…………

Python programming language is just like the English language.
These qualities make it more comfortable with a new programmer and learning programmer. Even anyone can understand its simple Programming Codes.

Python is used by many Big Companies and Organizations including………

  • NASA
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Dropbox
  • Quora
  • IBM
  • Uber etc.

Some Amazing and Interesting Facts About Python

  1. Do you think, why the name “Python”? The name “Python”, was derived from a famous BBC comedy show namely “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”.
  2. Python is interpreted language, not a compiled language. This means that python does not require of the compiler. Unlike Java and C++ which is also a high-level language need Compiler.
  3. Python is one of the official programming languages at Google. As we mentioned above Python is used by many big companies and organizations including Google and Youtube.
  4. Python is a high-level programming language instead of this python is very easy to learn. So, its really great and comfortable programming language for the beginners.
  5. Python is Open Source and Free language. It is a very popular language instead of this it is a Free and Open Source. So, anyone can easily use it.
  6. Python language is more similar to the English language. It is easily read and understands by the beginner programmers.

In this post, I will not further explain the Python Language.
I will provide you with a beautiful article on the next topic of Python in the next post of the same series i.e., Python.... yes Now, Easily Teach start a Complete Guideline on Python Programming Language in a very easy way and language.
So, keep visiting the Blog..... I will meet you with the next post soon.

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